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Cobar dispense paste S62-325GM5

Dispense solder paste is available in S62, and SAC405 alloy composition. The powder particle size is smaller and the flux content is higher than a standard type 3 printing solder paste to achieve the desired viscosity for dispensing applications. Because the paste is no-clean, residues can safely remain on the PCB.

IPC J-STD-004 classification REL1



Physical and chemical properties

Flux code 325GM5
Alloy type Sn62/Pb36/Ag2
Liquidus [șC] 179
Solidius [șC] 179
Acid number [mgKOH] (±2.5%] 49,30
Flux [% w/w] 13,50
Metal [% w/w] 86,50
Viscosity @25 șC Plate/Plate (±18%) 74
Min. needle diameter [swg] 26 = 0.4572 mm


Data Sheets Download

application/pdf Product-Datasheets-S62-325GM5.PDF


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