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"Development & production of small creative and  reasonable priced condensation reflow soldering systems for laboratory & proto typing"        

Customer-Specific Condensation Reflow Soldering Solutions


Customer-specific solutions

From the idea to the common solution

Despite a selection of our standard condensation reflow soldering systems a custom-mademachine is in certain situations the best solution.

Our strengths are customer-specific solutions

The realization of customer-specific solutions is one of the core competencies of IMDES CREATIVE SOLUTIONS

We develop the best and most economical solution together with our customers.

Special versions

Other shapes and colors

Other dimensions

Surface coating and finishes

Other machine configuration

These are just a few examples of individual customer requests, which we regularly receive.

From the small modification of a standard product to the development of an independent individual solutions everything is possible.

A request is always worthwhile. On-Line Reply Form

The diversity of customer specific solutions is so great that she can not be represented here comprehensively.
A request by our specialists is worthwhile in any case.

You are ideally at an early stage in the development process so that all options can be used to achieve the desired goal of a customer specific light guide.



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